Interactive Click-Through Tutorial
Take a step-by-step guided tour of SmartDeploy with this interactive click-through demo (.exe file).
Before You Begin
Download & install the necessary components to use SmartDeploy on your IT workstation.
Duration: 3 min
Step 1 of 5: Build Master Installation
Walk-through the process of building a golden reference computer using the Build Wizard. Learn quick tips and best practices.
Duration: 5 min
Step 2 of 5: Capture an Image
Using the Capture Wizard, create a hardware-independent image by capturing the golden reference computer created in Step 1.
Duration: 4 min
Step 3 of 5: Create Platform Pack
Create a Platform Pack to manage device drivers for all the hardware models in your organization using the Platform Manager.
Duration: 3 min
Step 4 of 5: Build Media
Using the Media Wizard, build boot or deployment media to image your target devices.
Duration: 2 min
Step 5 of 5: Deploy an Image
From the target device, deploy your image using the Deploy Wizard.
Duration: 5 min
Creating Custom Platform Packs
Learn how to create custom Platform Packs for your devices.
Duration: 14 min
SmartDeploy Introduction
CEO, Aaron Suzuki, provides a brief overview of SmartDeploy, including a product demonstration, in this 13 minute video.
Duration: 13 min