SmartDeploy Webcasts
Reimage your Way out of Windows XP
The Windows migration experts at SmartDeploy share their 90-day plan for a smooth migration. Learn why imaging is an efficient way to complete your migration project.
Duration: 45 min
OS Deployment Tools Compared: SmartDeploy vs. Dell KACE K2000
SmartDeploy deployment experts discuss image architecture, ease of use, and the level of effort required to achieve a universal image for your organization with SmartDeploy and Dell KACE K2000.
Duration: 42 min
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Deployment Best Practices in Consideration of Windows 8
SmartDeploy deployment experts discuss best practices, specifically for your Windows 8 migration project. Including important changes in Windows 8 and how they affect deployment.
Duration: 37 min
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Solve Your Imaging and Deployment Pain with SmartDeploy
Learn how SmartDeploy allows you to create and maintain one image for deployment to your entire organization, and how it eliminates hours of driver management.
Duration: 27 min
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The Hidden Cost of a Free Tool: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
SmartDeploy's CEO discusses the hidden costs of using MDT. Learn how a deployment tool with built in best practices will save time, eliminate device driver headaches, and more.
Duration: 39 min
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Quit Ghosting and Improve your IT Health in Three Easy Steps
The experts at SmartDeploy discuss how continuing to use Ghost could be costing organizations thousands in unnecessary image creation, driver management, and employee downtime.
Duration: 35 min
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Five Ways to Improve your Windows Deployment Strategy
Our team of deployment experts share the latest best practices as we highlight the five changes you can incorporate immediately to simplify and streamline deployment in your organization.
Duration: 35 min
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Simplified Solutions to Common IT Scenarios
SmartDeploy CEO, Aaron Suzuki, explores the various ways you can eliminate the frustrating and time-consuming aspects of your day-to-day IT responsibilities.
Duration: 38 min
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Device Drivers Part 3: Drivers Across Multiple Manufacturers
In this session, our engineers explain the implications associated with injecting unnecessary drivers during deployment through live demonstrations.
Duration: 30 min + 10 min Q&A
Deployment Tool Analysis: Ghost, MDT, Snap Deploy, and SmartDeploy
Our deployment experts take a deeper look at PassMark's deployment tool comparison study. We'll investigate four leading deployment tools: Ghost, MDT, Snap Deploy and SmartDeploy.
Duration: 40 min
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Device Drivers Part 2: Drivers Deconstructed and Simplified
Part 2 of our Device Drivers webcast series guides viewers through a driver dissection demonstration followed by an overview of SmartDeploy's Platform Manager.
Duration: 33 min
Windows Migration Best Practices
Futurestate IT® and SmartDeploy team up to deliver a simplified guide to a Windows migration. Learn tips for initial planning and application compatibility testing to driver management and deployment.
Duration: 36 min
Applying Desktop Virtualization Techniques to OS Upgrades
Intel® teams with SmartDeploy to explain how you can realize the benefits of desktop virtualization without the expense, technical expertise, and risk associated with emerging desktop architectures.
Duration: 34 min
Device Drivers Part 1: Improve your Driver Management Strategy Now
Part 1 of our device drivers webcast series teaches you how to build a driver management strategy that can help minimize problems, require less IT time, and eliminate your driver headaches.
Duration: 30 min
Deployment Tool Showdown: Ghost, Snap Deploy, MDT, and SmartDeploy
Hear the results of a side-by-side deployment tool comparison test. Independent benchmark firm, Passmark, compares Ghost, Snap Deploy, MDT, and SmartDeploy.
Duration: 30 min
Windows Deployment Best Practices: Then and Now
Learn how new deployment methods and best practices can significantly reduce deployment time, eliminate device driver headaches, and slash hardware costs.
Duration: 30 min