PC break-fix

Technicians of any skill level fix PC issues quickly, reducing user downtime and boosting productivity

While organizations continually strive to find ways to make employees, their most expensive resource, more productive, the treadmill of desktop maintenance and break-fix often counteracts this effort.

Save Time on a Critical IT Function

Desktop support is one of the most critical and painful functions performed by IT organizations. Employees need to be productive, but malicious software, or malware, in addition to instability introduced by user-installed applications can make desktop support a significant drain on both end-user productivity and IT time. SmartDeploy provides an alternative approach to

support desk timeIT troubleshooting or manually reloading the endpoint device.

Instead of a first-call resolution policy, many organizations have implemented escalating levels of support desk help. Yet each layer adds delay to resolution time and, ultimately, cost to the organization. Some organizations attempt to use a “flatten and reload” reimaging policy to stem the impact of lengthy troubleshooting time. However, the poor reliability of imaging solutions and a large, outdated image library can cause many IT professionals to disregard policy and fight through manual troubleshooting and remediation, rather than do battle with blue screens, device drivers, and updates.

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When we deploy the base image, SmartDeploy automatically combines the appropriate drivers to the base image, joins the domain, and once the process is complete our users are able to sign in to a clean, fresh machine. Bryan N. Bleakney, Project Lead - PC/Web Technologies, Werner Co.
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Logical Layers Keep Imaging Efficient

SmartDeploy makes quick system recovery possible through:

  • Logical layering of hardware and software information.
  • Single image management, allowing IT to deploy one image to any device.
  • Easily updatable image, so restored systems are always running an operating system and applications with all of the latest updates and patches. 

This eliminates the time conventional solutions require to install updates and software after the imaging process.

Hardware is handled as an independent layer, physically and logically separate from the software image, so the same up-to-date image can be applied reliably to any device. The reliability of the architecture eliminates IT support concerns over lost time managing and troubleshooting the imaging process itself, and gets both the end user and the IT support staff on to other productive tasks.

First-Call Resolution Increases User Productivity

SmartDeploy enables organizations to provide first-call resolution of desktop support issues by making reimaging simple and highly reliable, reducing expensive employee downtime even when the user is remote.

Making updates to the virtual machine (VM) reference machine is flexible and convenient. 
With SmartDeploy’s patented delta-WIM technology, image recapture is fast and efficient. Best of all, the process is foolproof with simple wizards and built-in deployment best practices. The standard process can be performed by non-technical end users or fully automated by IT. With SmartDeploy, productivity is returned to users in as little as 15 minutes after the reload process initiation.

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