Windows Migration

Overcome Windows migration challenges while aligning your company for long-term IT success

Whether you’re planning for your Windows 10 migration or scrambling to migrate off of Windows XP now that support has ended, your IT department has a big project ahead. The ultimate goal for IT is to migrate workers to another version of Windows without interfering with productivity through user downtime and lost data.

SmartDeploy works for Windows Migration

A Windows migration project can seem like a daunting task for an IT department but the good news is that SmartDeploy has you covered.

SmartDeploy gives IT the freedom to choose the hardware they want to use without requiring a separate image for each model. Best practices are built-in to the simple UI making it possible for technicians of all levels to build, maintain, and deploy images. SmartDeploy simplifies the imaging process and frees IT resources to handle the other important parts of the Windows migration project.
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I was fearing the daunting task of upgrading all our network PCs from Windows XP to 7. [SmartDeploy] saved a great deal of time and I actually ended up finishing the upgrade project months ahead of schedule. Heather Schrader, Help Desk Administrator
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Windows XP

Support has ended for Windows XP, causing many organizations to re-evaluate their IT infrastructure and decide when and how they are going to migrate to a newer version of Windows. IT organizations must confront the challenge of a Windows 7 or Windows 8 migration or risk running an unsupported operating system. There are some major issues that could arise from continuing to run this operating system.

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Windows XP migration
Migrate to Windows 7

Windows 7

Many organizations chose to skip Windows Vista completely and jump to Windows 7. It offers more security and less vulnerable operating system then Windows XP. Making the transition can seem strenuous but with proper planning, adequate IT resources, and SmartDeploy, the project can be completed with less stress and fewer problems.

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Windows 8.1

Migrating to Windows 8.1 will give organizations a major advantage to support many different types of hardware, including touch-enabled devices. With a Windows 8.1 migration, SmartDeploy is able to apply industry best practices in the migration process to make the transition much easier for IT departments, resulting in tangible gains.

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Windows 8 migration

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