1. Build Master Installation

SmartDeploy allows technicians to use their existing productivity computer and a virtual machine to build a master installation image for deployment to any computer model. Simply create a new virtual machine (VM), and then add the operating system (OS), applications, and configuration that suits your needs.

2. Capture Image

The Capture Wizard is used to create images in Windows Imaging (WIM) format. Use this wizard to browse to the virtual hard disk and SmartDeploy will create the image file. This is all done completely offline without using complex command line interfaces.

3. Package Drivers

Download a pre-built driver package from our website for your target computer. If the pack you want isn't listed, you can request one to be made for you, or you can create your own by using the Platform Manager.

4. Create Deployment Media

The Media Wizard is used to create boot or offline deployment media for target computers.

5. Deploy Image

The Deploy Wizard is used to deploy images to a target computer and is run once a computer is booted to SmartPE. The on-screen instructions in the Deploy Wizard are similar to those that are asked during a typical Windows mini-setup and the final result will be a target device that is ready at the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen.

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