6 Things You Need to Know About Managing Win10 Updates

It’s no secret that there’s confusion around how to manage Windows 10 Updates:

  • Are in-place upgrades acceptable in a business environment?
  • How much testing should we do before pushing updates?
  • Should we be using WSUS?
  • How long can I postpone an update and what are the implications of waiting?

The one thing we can all agree on is that Windows 10 must be managed differently than the Windows versions that came before it.

We’ve learned that there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and that the management strategy will differ depending on your organizations requirements (are your computers running medical devices in a hospital ICU or are they sitting in a computer lab at an elementary school) and IT resources (are you a team of one doing the job of 5 or a team of 40, each with their own discreet responsibilities). Our Surviving Windows 10 Updates webcast earlier this year had record registration numbers and confirmed that IT Pros are still seeking answers and clarity on managing Windows 10.

We’ve decided to take the next few months to focus on the issues Win10 presents and share solutions and tips for managing Windows 10 more easily and efficiently while still keeping control of your environment.

In our latest short video, 6 Windows 10 Update Gotchas, Jeff shares some important things that are easily overlooked and a few you may not have known. These can make or break your Windows 10 management strategy and are typically pretty simple to work around or plan for. Watch now, as just a few minutes can end up saving you tons of time and IT resources.

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