Schools choose SmartDeploy as best imaging software

While selling SmartDeploy, we have the opportunity to work with a ton of educational institutions. From K-12 school districts to colleges and universities around the world, pinpointing the best imaging software and adopting efficient imaging processes is extremely important. In addition to Windows migration projects, we’ve found that most schools need to reimage their computer

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Manage the Campus IT Budget with SmartDeploy

Today’s educational institutions, like many other organizations, are finding they have to do much more, with much less. Improving your Windows deployment strategy can limit unexpected expenses from popping up and eating away at IT budget. Demands, particularly for IT services are increasing – students and teachers want access to their documents and applications anytime,

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SmartDeploy vs. KACE K2000

One question we are often asked is, “How does SmartDeploy differ from KACE?” For starters, one of the main differences is that SmartDeploy Enterprise is an OS and application deployment software solution that is quickly installed and configured on any IT workstation, and it works without (in almost all cases) additional infrastructure requirements. In contrast,

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