29 Sep

Bet On Us

When evaluating software vendors at some point you probably ask yourself, your team, or perhaps your management asks you, “Why should we go with a product from an independent software vendor when we have mainstream options?” You might even have a history or a relationship with another vendor and have to justify a change. And especially as the global economy is still reeling, I can appreciate that betting on an independent might raise some questions for you or your management.

Ultimately, using SmartDeploy is a low risk, low cost solution for mass deployment of Windows operating systems in your business. Especially if you have 100 or more desktops in your organization, the IT professional responsible for Windows deployment feels pain and frustration that cannot be adequately described to or appreciated by non-technical people. Our primary objective with SmartDeploy is to create a product that will help alleviate the pain and frustration of these projects. Less pain means less time and less money wasted on self-service solutions or making old solutions work with new environments and devices. Many of our customers have told us that SmartDeploy is the only product they could get to work in their environment. And the fact that Prowess is an independent software vendor actually adds value to the solution and the benefits you can reap from it as a customer.

You might be surprised to learn is that Prowess is self-funded. We are a private company with no outside investment and no debt. We made the strategic decision to leverage our services business to grow a successful software business and it appears to be working. This means two important things for you as a customer.

First, we can’t afford to make a lousy product. We have to make a product that we can sell at a profit so that we can keep making software. We know that customer service and support is key. You can bet that if you have an issue, we’ll be quick to respond. We simply can’t afford not to. We take feedback very seriously and often add features at customers’ requests within just a few months. (We typically release software updates approximately every 6 weeks.)

Second, as long as we’re independent we’re going to make business and technology decisions that are in the interest of improving our product over the long term. And we can offer the product for a very reasonable price and still continue to innovate—we are in the rare position to offer a per-technician license for our flagship product making it one of the best values on the market. And we have no pressure to make moves with a short term financial interest. Until the time that our business position changes, our only interest is in making great software that is valuable enough that lots of people are willing to pay the reasonable price we are asking for it.

If you buy SmartDeploy Enterprise you can expect a solid product and great service at a reasonable price. Most of our customers see a return on their investment during their first project. Take a look at our case studies to get a feel for what’s possible.

About the Author

Aaron Suzuki
Aaron Suzuki is the founder and CEO of SmartDeploy and of Prowess Consulting, a successful consulting business. Aaron bootstrapped SmartDeploy software to more than 3,000 customers and millions of managed endpoints. Today, Aaron is leading the company to extend the simplicity and cost-saving principles of SmartDeploy to complete end-user workspace management, including application delivery and compliance. Prior to SmartDeploy, Aaron served as director of Business Development at Entirenet, a Seattle-based technology consultancy. Before moving to Seattle, Aaron was president of Inetz Media Group, a web application development company based in Salt Lake City. An avid cyclist and passionate alpine skier, Aaron holds a BS degree from Brigham Young University and an MS degree from the University of Iowa. You can hear Aaron share his technology insights and experiences monthly as a cohost on Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish podcast.