Customer testimonial: Symantec Ghost

A previous webcast we hosted, “Quit Ghosting and Improve your IT Health in Three Easy Steps,” highlights the major pain points that most IT administrators suffer when using Symantec Ghost. They include: Hardware specific images Proprietary file format Drivers: per machine or mass storage and network Bake in or DeployAnywhere Find & download everything you

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Video: Windows deployment now and then

VIDEO: Traditional or legacy methods of performing Windows deployment included creating a sector-based copy of a device to store and keep for future deployments. But modern imaging and deployment solutions, like SmartDeploy, provide a file-based image for deploying devices. With single-instance storage and separation of hardware and software information, IT pros can deploy one image to any device.

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SmartDeploy vs. KACE K2000

One question we are often asked is, “How does SmartDeploy differ from KACE?” For starters, one of the main differences is that SmartDeploy Enterprise is an OS and application deployment software solution that is quickly installed and configured on any IT workstation, and it works without (in almost all cases) additional infrastructure requirements. In contrast,

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