14 Feb

Enterprise Dish: Snowmageddon in Seattle, the life of Internet Explorer

As snowmageddon turns to slushmageddon and things get back to normal in Seattle, our CEO, Aaron, joins Brad Sams for another episode of Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish.

In this month’s episode, they discuss the life of Internet Explorer in the corporate world and the importance of password security. Although there’s talk of IE being dead or not being as useful as it once was, Aaron suggests that the notion of it being dead is a bit of a misnomer. Many organizations rely on LOB apps to keep their business running and don’t have the time or budget, to overhaul these apps. With so much on IT’s plate, these apps that are currently running just fine become less of a priority to update, making it seem that Internet Explorer will live on for awhile.

When it comes to security, Brad concludes that the weakest point in a security system is always the individual. Aaron agrees and adds that hacking is not typically about brute force automated attacks, but that real hardcore hacks usually involve something more “social and cultural” – a person getting information from another person. They discuss inexpensive ways that businesses can increase security for little cost like adding a padlock to a server closet or using a password manager.

Listener questions came in and because Aaron is experienced in Windows deployments, one listener asks how Windows deployments have changed over the past decade. This is a loaded question that could be the start of a larger discussion, but Aaron explains that short of radical, the change has been very impactful for IT. With the introduction of Windows XP, IT was forced to think ahead and now with Windows 10, thinking ahead is imperative. Windows 10’s twice yearly upgrades coupled with computers evolving to more mobile-like devices, has contributed to a more difficult, complex job for IT. This has led to tools like SmartDeploy evolving into more turnkey solutions and increased self-service for end users.

While the Seattle snow slowly melts and turns to slush, Aaron reminisces on a trip he took to Japan a couple of years ago where the miracle of snow lies – where the trees turn to snow monsters and the “livin’ is easy, the food is great, and the people are so nice”. So, while we’re getting back to the daily grind, we’ll dream of being in a magical land in Japan.

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Heidi Flaig
Heidi Flaig has overseen the marketing department for SmartDeploy since 2011 and thrives on engaging with IT professionals to better understand how SmartDeploy products can improve their world. She has over 500 contributions in the Spiceworks community. When she’s not in the office, you can find Heidi hiking with her husband, two sons, and silver lab, Miles.