Microsoft volume licensing isn’t scary

Windows OS and application imaging projects can be extremely challenging, especially without Microsoft Windows volume licensing. Getting started with an imaging product like SmartDeploy typically involves hunting down a reference machine. In terms of best practices, it is usually a good idea to start from a clean, known state. That means building out a machine

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Expiring Windows XP

Everyone has talked about it, yet we maintain our own unique perspective around Windows XP end of life. All kinds of crazy stats are still floating around about the disproportionately high rates of workstations that still run Windows XP. I still see the default Windows XP screensaver on displays in restaurants, in hospitals, and in

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Customer testimonial: Symantec Ghost

A previous webcast we hosted, “Quit Ghosting and Improve your IT Health in Three Easy Steps,” highlights the major pain points that most IT administrators suffer when using Symantec Ghost. They include: Hardware specific images Proprietary file format Drivers: per machine or mass storage and network Bake in or DeployAnywhere Find & download everything you

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