The practical benefits of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a serious buzzword. System integrators use it to win lucrative contracts. But it can bring real benefits to businesses. Done right and done well, digital transformation updates systems from disparate applications in disconnected “silos” to connected, well-integrated modular systems that function as a cohesive whole to address business needs. It’s not easy.

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COVID-19 pushes us toward the Metaverse

What is the Metaverse? In Neil Stephenson‘s seminal 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, it was a virtual space in which human-controlled avatars interacted online for every conceivable purpose—work, play, entertainment, commerce, friendship, dating, criminality, vice, and espionage—essentially all of the same purposes that the current internet is used for. A virtual reality (VR) extension of

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The top challenges CIOs and IT leaders face in 2021

The coming year poses a matrix of complex challenges. The pandemic combined with expected instability around the elections headed into the new year underscore the complexity. In short, technology leadership should plan for the strange times that are certain to have strange outcomes. COVID Management Clearly the pandemic is the foremost consideration across business leadership.

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