What is computer imaging?

For IT administrators responsible for managing the lifecycle of dozens or hundreds of endpoints, computer imaging can be a thorny but necessary task. It’s like going to the dentist. It feels like forever when you’re in the chair, but if you want clean, healthy pearly whites, you must soldier on. Thankfully, with more software tools

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Common mistakes that managed services providers make and how to avoid them

In the sysadmin world, understaffed and overworked teams are, unfortunately, more common than we’d like them to be. It’s not unusual to find a small IT team supporting hundreds or even thousands of users across the entire organization. The complexities of managing remote environments and supporting ever-growing grand plans for digital transformation can be overwhelming

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How IT onboards and offboards employees

My employee onboarding experience at my current job started with cookies — no, not the digital kind but actual, baked versions that were sweet, moist, and utterly delicious. This was followed by a more mundane and relatively fuss-free process of setting up assigned equipment, accounts, and login details. And while I do have many fond

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