“SmartDeploy is SCCM made sane.”

Joseph Moody, a Microsoft MVP and network admin who manages over 5,500 Windows PCs will openly tell you, “I absolutely love SCCM.” So, what did he think when he recently tried SmartDeploy? How does SmartDeploy compare to Microsoft SCCM? Get the full rundown in Joseph’s article on 4sysops.com.

SmartDeploy Easy Software and OS Deployment
Article: Five-step OS Deployment with SmartDeploy

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“SmartDeploy is SCCM made sane.”

While Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a robust tool, Joseph explains that it is not a one-size fits all solution. He compares SCCM and SmartDeploy, identifying which scenarios and environments benefit from each computer management solution.

Joseph clearly sees that SmartDeploy is made to be simple. It’s out-of-box capabilities such as remote imaging are perfect for smaller IT teams that are managing hundreds, or even thousands of computers. Joseph explains that due to its complexity, SCCM “almost always requires a full-time sysadmin just to manage it correctly.” With SmartDeploy, PC management becomes a simple part-time task that can be owned by a low to mid-level admin.

3 features that make SmartDeploy a front runner

Joseph dives deep into three unique SmartDeploy features and scenarios where SmartDeploy wins over SCCM and other PC management tools:

1. Simplified setup for OS deployments, including remote imaging and imaging over wireless networks

2. Application and OS distribution model including cloud deployment

3. Driver management in a multi-hardware-model environment

In the end, Joseph concluded that “SmartDeploy automates (time-consuming) tasks and does so in a way that is simple. Without having to configure extensive infrastructure or implement hacky customization, you also get access to advanced features like application/OS deployment through cloud storage and imaging over wireless.” I’d call it a two-thumbs-up review!

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