Top 4 questions about SmartDeploy license tracking
12 Aug

Top 4 questions about SmartDeploy license tracking

We’ve designed SmartDeploy to be simple and easy to use. We don’t think licensing should be any different and focus our time on building a great product that you love using, rather than creating burdensome tracking technologies.

Similar to many software products in the IT-management industry, SmartDeploy is licensed on a per-machine basis. Per-machine licensing means that you’ll need a SmartDeploy license for the total number of computers that you re-image with SmartDeploy. Customers can re-image a particular device an unlimited amount of times, but must have a license for each device. Just to keep it simple, we will issue a single product key that is valid for all the devices that you purchased licenses for.

Please see the SmartDeploy End User License Agreement for additional terms and conditions. If you need assistance, please email

Where can I review my license usage?
It is easy to view your licensing information, simply visit You will need to login and provide your product key as well as the issue date information. You also have the ability to download a .CSV file to make reporting simpler.

How is usage tracked?
Each imaged device registers with SmartDeploy licensing servers after deployment to account for usage, similar to how Microsoft activates modern Windows OS’s.

Uniqueness of device is measured on several hardware attributes of a device. Changing common hardware components such as RAM or hard disks, or changing software attributes of the device such as the computer name or domain-join status will not modify license tracking information. If major component changes occur such as a replacement of the processor or motherboard, SmartDeploy will count that as a new device.

Can I decommission a device?
You can decommission a device that is no longer in use within your company or any organization your company supports. For details about decommissioning a device, contact

If a decommissioned device is re-imaged by your organization it will become recommissioned and decrement total license count accordingly.

Will I be notified when I’ve used all my licenses?
We want to make compliance straightforward for you. To take the guesswork out, SmartDeploy will notify the primary contact that we have on file when you get close to using all your licenses. All overages will be billed at $50 per imaged device. We will do our best to notify you but we encourage you to watch your usage and purchase additional licenses before an overage occurs. If an overage occurs, SmartDeploy will continue to function normally so that you can be successful with your deployment projects. We want you to be successful while also remaining compliant.

If you have additional questions about licensing tracking, contact your Account Representative or Thank you for being a valued SmartDeploy customer!

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