Two Ways to Deploy Microsoft Office 365

Number one

Include Office 365 in your golden image

Yes, it’ true, you can include O365 in your golden reference image. In fact, it’s more reliable, yields a faster deployment process, and ensures fewer configuration snags. That means you can ditch the tedious and less reliable methods of deploying apps to end users through writing custom scripts or manually pushing apps post-deployment.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn why you should not launch any Office 365 applications prior to shut down and capture.

Number 2

Create your Office 365 application pack

Creating your O365 application pack allows you to preconfigure your settings for a seamless, zero-touch install. You can select whether to include less common tools, like Publisher and Access, in addition to configuring your organization-specific settings. Creating one centralized application pack ensures a consistent and reliable install across all users. And by not including O365 in your golden image, you can easily make changes to the individual application pack without having to recapture your image.

Try it! Create and deploy your own custom O365 application pack.

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