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6 Must Ask Questions for your Windows 10 Migration

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Researching, evaluating and selecting a computer provisioning solution for your company may seem overwhelming, particularly when your workday is full of putting out fires.

Even when you understand its importance, finding time for this strategic research is challenging. Whether your existing software is unreliable, you have an upcoming new hardware rollout, a Windows migration project on the radar, or you just feel like there has to be a better way to manage your users’ devices, understanding your company’s needs is the first step to finding the right solution for you.

Ask yourself these six questions to better understand your goals, identify areas that could end up costing you in the long run, and learn how to turn the task of computer imaging from something you dread into something that just works.

If you can nail this imaging task, you can earn back time to work on all those other projects that you just can’t seem to get to.

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