Customers with support

Platform Pack creation or update requests are considered a support request and are subject to the terms of your support agreement.
Platform Pack creation fees are based on the computer model and your current support level.

Customers without support

If your support contract has expired, please contact us to renew your support agreement before requesting a Platform Pack.

Trial users

We request that you perform your testing using one of our existing 1000+ Platform Packs.

Create your own Platform Pack

To avoid fees and get your Platform Pack done faster, you can create Platform Packs on your own by following this how-to video.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully

To complete the request, we need additional information about the computer for which you are requesting a Platform Pack. This involves running a script and completing the below form.

Step 1: Download the VBS script
Download and save the wmi.vbs script to the computer for which you are requesting a Platform Pack. The script is available here.

Step 2: Run the VBS script
Double-click the wmi.vbs file on the computer you want a Platform Pack for which generates a wmi.txt file. Include the wmi.txt file in the form below.

Step 3: Complete the form below
Complete all required fields in the form below. The SmartDeploy Support team will create the Platform Pack for you and alert you when it is ready to download. Please allow 5-10 business days for creation of the Platform Pack.


Complete this form to request your Platform Pack