17 May

Enterprise Dish: 2019 Microsoft Build news over Bloody Mary’s

Brad Sams stopped by our office last week to record this month’s Enterprise Dish episode with SmartDeploy CEO, Aaron Suzuki, while he was in Seattle for Microsoft Build 2019. Brad shared the inside scoop on the latest Microsoft announcements and the best Build parties (and after-parties). Catch the full episode, including our special intro where Lauren mixes Brad one of her delicious Blood Marys to get the morning started on the right foot.

A standout feature highlighted at Microsoft Build was the introduction of native terminal for Windows 10. The terminal can now be customizable providing the user the ability to modify the theme, including display adjustments to reduce eye fatigue. The terminal also includes other features like tab and emoji support. However, the major component of the terminal is its exclusion from the OS. This means the app will experience independent updates instead of being reliant on the Windows update. Both Brad and Aaron predict it will be widely adopted due to its versatility and customization capabilities.

Another key topic of Build was their revamp of the Edge browser. Edge now offers more privacy controls when combined with the Azure Active Directory integration. This is a huge step forward as it authenticates the entire network.

The final topic of Build was the new addition of Cosmos DB. This multi-model database service was originally made for Microsoft internally and then recently became distributed for public use. The functionality and success of the product has proven it to be a great addition for many companies and both Brad and Aaron are excited to see the software continue to progress.

The discussion shifted to SmartDeploy and the new developments made in the last quarter. Aaron explained that earlier this month SmartDeploy announced their introduction of hybrid VDI using Box and Dropbox. SmartDeploy now enables IT to manage PCs by individually creating, managing, and deploying separate hardware, OS, application, and user data layers. Management can be performed on-prem or through the cloud with simple internet connection. Customers can use SmartDeploy to work anywhere and deploy to anyone. This adjustment is aimed at helping simplify the PC deployment process in the everchanging Windows environment.

Brad and Aaron concluded their conversation by settling the bet they made in a previous Enterprise Dish episode. Even though Brad won the bet, I think we all know Aaron was the winner in this tradeoff!

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Heidi Flaig
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