18 Apr

Enterprise Dish: Defer Windows 10 patches and a gentleman’s bet

Another Patch Tuesday is upon us and that means our CEO, Aaron Suzuki, co-hosts another episode of Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish.

The most recent Patch Tuesday includes two more zero-day vulnerabilities being patched. Some users are experiencing login issues due to conflicts with third party anti-virus but patching this one quickly is important because if you’re not patched your entire network could be compromised. These are more of exploits than viruses, so your anti-virus probably won’t be able to save you in this instance. This just reiterates the discussion in last month’s Enterprise Dish episode on why good password management is so important in today’s IT world.

This also led to discussing third party anti-virus software and how long it will be around with Microsoft doing a better job at providing security for users. Brad mentions the value of an organization whose sole purpose is to create and maintain anti-virus software vs a Microsoft who has many products to focus on. On the flipside, Aaron mentions that being the largest software manufacturer in the world, Microsoft has many resources to dedicate to an issue.

Also announced is the ability to defer patches for up to 35 days and feature builds for 18 months or until your current install expires (whichever happens first). Both Aaron and Brad agree this is a positive thing that will give IT more control. There will also be more time for testing with Microsoft dedicating an extra month or so for new builds to spend with Insiders. More testing means more reliable features at roll-out. Another win!

The fact that the Insiders aren’t quite moving onto 19H2, is raising questions and even a friendly gentleman’s bet. Will there be a juicy disclosure at Microsoft BUILD in a few weeks? If so, Brad better be ready to pay up. Both he and Aaron have placed their bets and we’ll have to wait until next month’s episode to see what’s on the line.

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