25 Jun

Enterprise Dish: Demystifying Windows 10 Update Complexity

On this Enterprise Dish episode SmartDeploy CEO, Aaron Suzuki and host Brad Sams discussed recent Microsoft news and tech trends this past month, including a little bit about Aaron’s growing bike collection.

They began unpacking a new announcement from Microsoft regarding Windows 10, version 1903. The previous release had some hiccups including hardware-based encryption issues with storage devices, essentially allowing users to side-load damaging content. The latest release includes an adjusted default setting in the GPO as it automatically defaults to “off” instead of “on.” This encryption issue serves as a warning for businesses, especially when dealing with sensitive information, as they need to protect their content by staying mindful of these frequent Windows 10 Updates and changes from Microsoft.

The discussion turned to the complexity of Microsoft error messages and the troubleshooting system. Brad shared an issue he had with one of his devices and although the issue was resolved, it was an extensive process filled with face-palming and irritation. With users facing more frequent Windows 10 Updates, these device glitches and tech troubles are a growing problem as they are usually induced by the reconfiguration of the software.

Although frequent Windows 10 Updates are difficult on the consumer, consumers are a large contributor for their increase. Curious tech savvy people are digging into software and raising awareness of glitches or unimpressive performances. This essentially enables the modern model of ongoing iterations and frequent releases as users are forcing companies to be more actionable when a bug is detected. Due to the constantly evolving tech environment, businesses need to have a mindset of release readiness and be quick to adapt.

The final topic covered the recent unexpected patch for Windows XP and Windows Server 2013, which was surprising because Microsoft said they would never patch again. Aaron and Brad also speculate on news of another patch for Windows 7 and earlier versions.

Aaron and Brad concluded their chat with an unsolicited plug for www.pinkbike.com, a handy resource for cyclists and bike lovers. With Seattle weather heating up, Aaron’s twice-weekly bike commutes are in full swing.

Aaron also explained one of the reasons that he enjoys bikes so much: their simplicity. Ah, if only Windows 10 error messaging and troubleshooting were as simple as the bicycle.

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