01 Jul

VIDEO: One-click Driver Updates

Equipping end users with high performance, stable hardware to maximize productivity is a major priority for IT. Making sure the basics are covered, like adequate memory and processing speed, is important but keeping device drivers up to date will also avoid unnecessary interruptions. Updated drivers not only increase hardware efficiency, but they can also combat known bugs and protect your network from security vulnerabilities that may exist.

There are scenarios where this comes in handy other than the obvious Windows migration project. For example, your organization wants the entire sales department to have access to LTE SIM cards from a telecommunications provider, like AT&T or Verizon Wireless, so they have access high speed internet on their laptops for order taking or email while on the road. To make the process as seamless as possible for the end user, your IT team will need to update the drivers on the laptops to include the LTE cards.

With SmartDeploy, we handle device driver management for you with our technician-built driver packages called Platform Packs. In addition to injecting the correct drivers upon initial computer imaging, SmartDeploy continuously monitors each endpoint for available driver updates. When updates are available, you can download and deploy the updated driver directly from your IT admin console. We make it simple and convenient to ensure your hardware drivers are never outdated – even if your end users are running dissimilar hardware.

Check out Jeff’s 2-minute video to see how to deploy updated drivers with just one click.

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