26 Oct

Windows 7 RTM Plus One Year

As a technology company we generally stay on top of software releases and we use most every Windows desktop and server OS that is released. We ran Vista throughout our organization. It was fine. We all have 7 now. Some of our people ran it during beta. It is better.

We don’t celebrate or anticipate software anniversaries all that much. Not even our own. Software changes so rapidly, few pieces of software make it a year before getting a new version or at least some significant updates. But being an independent software company that is focused on deploying Windows, the one year anniversary of Windows 7 is significant. For us it is a milestone that gives some perspective.

What’s interesting about this milestone is that the overwhelming majority of businesses are still running Windows XP. Based on our anecdotal evidence from our work in the sales field talking with customers and partners, the biggest businesses are in no particular hurry to migrate. Analyst evidence seems to support our observation.

I really think we’re looking at something striking similar to the NT4 migration challenge of, coincidentally, 7 or so years ago. Like the NT4 server apps of old, people have too much tied up in XP to just cut over. It poses risk to their business, not to mention considerable cost. We are in a unique position to help businesses deploy Windows quickly and easily and our ability to help customers realize that value could end up being good news for Microsoft.

But the reality is that most of our customers use SmartDeploy to deploy XP, and the fact that they won’t have to buy an upgrade or another product to deploy 7 (or the devices it will run on) was not the top priority for buying it. SmartDeploy does one job – landing an image of the OS and any desired applications on the end point efficiently and reliably– and it does it very well for any device, HAL type, and Windows OS whether it is client or server, 32- or 64-bit, XP, Vista, or 7.

About the Author

Aaron Suzuki
Aaron Suzuki is the founder and CEO of SmartDeploy and of Prowess Consulting, a successful consulting business. Aaron bootstrapped SmartDeploy software to more than 3,000 customers and millions of managed endpoints. Today, Aaron is leading the company to extend the simplicity and cost-saving principles of SmartDeploy to complete end-user workspace management, including application delivery and compliance. Prior to SmartDeploy, Aaron served as director of Business Development at Entirenet, a Seattle-based technology consultancy. Before moving to Seattle, Aaron was president of Inetz Media Group, a web application development company based in Salt Lake City. An avid cyclist and passionate alpine skier, Aaron holds a BS degree from Brigham Young University and an MS degree from the University of Iowa. You can hear Aaron share his technology insights and experiences monthly as a cohost on Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish podcast.