15 May

Deploying Windows 8.1 changes – what’s your plan?

The release of Windows 8.1 in September of last year may have sounded like a minor version update, but it wasn’t. This release included changes to the UI designed to improve user experience with some performance improvements as well. Both of these updates sound good since many users have been confused with how to use Windows 8.

Though these updates look promising for end users, under the hood this seemingly minor update shows up as a major one for deployment professionals. As such, the changes from Windows 8 to 8.1 could make deployment with your current imaging solution a problematic endeavor, so what’s your game plan?

In the article Best Windows 8.1 Deployment Tools, William Van Winkle describes three solutions for enterprise deployments of Windows 8.1 including Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), ENGL Imaging Toolkit 8, and SmartDeploy Enterprise. What makes SmartDeploy stand out in the crowd is the time savings. By utilizing Platform Packs, SmartDeploy is able to apply one golden image to a vast array of devices, thus cutting out the process of having to make custom, hardware-specific images. Plus, SmartDeploy works the same for every version of Windows, including Windows 8.1. Watch the Quick Start Video series to see exactly how SmartDeploy simplifies PC imaging.
Windows deployment doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. With the right imaging solution, you’ll wish you had upgraded and enhanced your enterprise sooner.

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Spencer Dunford
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