18 Mar

Ease app compatibility when migrating off Windows XP

When planning your migration to Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 from Windows XP, many organizations can get stuck in the application compatibility phase. When it comes to business critical applications, failure to support OS versions beyond Windows XP can put a halt to the entire migration project.

Unfortunately, it is up to a software vendor to determine supported Windows versions, product roadmap, and ongoing updates and maintenance schedules. We understand there are some business-critical XP machines that simply must keep running a bit longer.

Our tool, SmartMigrate, aims to assist in these situations. In combination with SmartDeploy Enterprise, SmartMigrate virtualizes a copy of your physical Windows XP machine so that you can access it later from a migrated machine running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. This is handy since Microsoft gives you the license rights to run XP on these more modern operating systems, and they also give you the free software to do it with Windows Virtual PC. SmartMigrate helps make it all happen. Running the instance of XP on a more modern hardware set can help prolong the life of the software stack that your business is still reliant on.

SmartMigrate is included with your SmartDeploy Enterprise purchase. Our new SmartMigrate Quick Start Guide walks you through the steps of the Migrate Wizard and helps you customize your physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration.

SmartMigrate is also free for internal, non-commercial use and includes free forum support. Contact us to get SmartMigrate free.

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Spencer Dunford
As General Manager at SmartDeploy, Spencer Dunford applies over 12 years of creative IT wisdom to find solutions that solve the most complex and unique challenges for customers. When he isn’t leading our stellar sales and support team, Spencer can be found exploring the mountains on skis or two wheels with his family, and finishing his day behind the grill in his never-ending pursuit of the perfect steak.