18 Mar

Enterprise Dish: Patch Tuesday, cloud deployment, wearables

From rollbacks of Windows Updates to the beauty of smart watches, our CEO, Aaron, and host, Brad Sams, talk all things tech in the most recent episode of Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish.

On this week’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft fixed 64 vulnerabilities and two zero-day bugs, one which was utilized in the Google Chrome zero-day attack that was reported last week. These come in parallel with the updated management capabilities of being able to pause updates and auto roll back of an update. With over 800M Windows 10 devices, both Aaron and Brad agree that most patches are necessary, and the IT should have the flexibility to roll back Windows 10 Updates. Brad estimates that with how the current trend (12M-14M new Windows 10 user each month), Microsoft should hit the milestone of 1B Windows 10 devices in a year or so.

Aaron also gives listeners a sneak peak into the world of SmartDeploy and what’s happening day-to-day behind closed doors. Engineers are working diligently to create a product that users have been asking for – one where they do not have to invest in costly infrastructure or pay additional cloud fees to manage their Windows devices in a modern way. Think of VDI-like management capability, but for a Windows thick client that doesn’t require a huge server room to run or a faster network to overcome latency issues. Others have tried it and so have we, but having more mature cloud infrastructure than ever, it allows us to reduce the cost of delivering a product capable of application delivery, patch delivery, and asset management.

They end the show discussing their wearable devices. With Aaron having a new Android watch for the past 30 hours, he’s enjoying the life of being “connected, not tethered”. Brad recently upgrade his Apple watch to enable LTE and he wishes he had done it earlier. He no longer brings his phone along on walks and likes the ability to quasi disconnect, but not be stranded.

The key takeaway being disconnecting can be freeing, unless it’s your PC due to a Windows 10 update.

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