New major release: SmartDeploy 3.0.1000

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Spencer Dunford|July 13, 2021
Product 2
Product 2

We are excited to announce a new major version release of SmartDeploy! This has been an extensive project to undertake for the team and we are eager to get more customers upgraded to this new platform. Some of you were able to attend our January 2021 customer webcast where we gave you a sneak peek of this release. Since then, beta and pre-release preview customers are seeing significantly better performance, reliability, and usability.

Transparently, this was a significant code re-write. We shipped the 2.0.1010 nearly 6 years ago and we realized that it was not going to keep up with the longer tail demands of our customers now and into the future. All of that said, many of these foundational changes might not be noticed at first glance but they will help us to ensure SmartDeploy is the most secure, quickest, easiest to use, and flexible solution on the market. We also believe it will allow us to make more features and add net-new capabilities faster than ever before.

SmartDeploy 3.0.1000 includes

Logged in user

See the current logged on user and last logged on user for each device.


Message history

View success, failure, and current status of actions taken on a device from the console.

One-click library rebuild

Transfer files from one location to another and update the details of any asset in the SmartDeploy folder automatically

Library rebuild notifications

See instant notifications of library rebuild status in the new notifications area within the console.


Multiple admin access

Utilize one API service with multiple consoles connecting from other devices. [Pro only]

Proxy setting improvements

Specify settings pre-login and set individual settings for API Service and Console.

More cloud settings

New cloud-only option for client devices and the ability to custom select whether to deploy a message from cloud or local.

Service health status

See if a client can reach the service with our new instant service health check.

Have feedback?

And as always, please share your feedback and feature requests. Your input is invaluable and helps us continually provide updates to ensure the best user experience possible. Please let us know how we’re doing and send feature requests to [email protected]. We appreciate your continued partnership!

View information about the current SmartDeploy version and release history at

Not a SmartDeploy customer yet? Request a customized demo with one of our product specialists for the full tour. Or, take yourself on a self-guided video tour. Then, start your test drive with 15-day full access to SmartDeploy.

Before you watch Jeff’s highlight video and read on for full details of the release, please note that due to the complete code re-write, this new version will install as a completely separate applications from your existing SmartDeploy install. We’ve created a V2 to V3 upgrade guide and incorporated client and library migration steps into the product to make this process simple.


Spencer profile
Spencer Dunford

Spencer was a SmartDeploy employee.

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