10 Jan

New Release – 1910 available for download

Note: A newer version is now available. View information about the current SmartDeploy version and release history at www.smartdeploy.com/product-releases.

Happy New Year! A quick post to let you know that SmartDeploy Enterprise release 1910 is available for download. There is some very good information in the deploycentral.com forums about the release.

This was a big project and the dev team is very excited (and I expect a bit relieved) to have this complete and available. This build includes the upgrade to Windows PE 3.0, which we’ve likened to replacing the foundation to your home. Getting everything to line up and reattach properly was a challenge, but the results are solid. Not only have we maintained the same broad support for the Windows client and server families of operating systems, essentially all of the tools and user interfaces are identical to previous builds. And with the additions and upgrades, there is a new stuff under the hood that will allow you to do even more OS deployment magic with greater flexibility.

Looking ahead, this fundamental upgrade gives us the foundation for faster innovation in the future. Expect even more frequent updates, bug fixes, and improvements. Additionally, we have the baseline for closer integration with leading management solutions, and you can expect a number of announcements in coming months about what we’re integrating with and partnerships we’re growing around those efforts.

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Aaron Suzuki
Aaron Suzuki is the founder and CEO of SmartDeploy and of Prowess Consulting, a successful consulting business. Aaron bootstrapped SmartDeploy software to more than 3,000 customers and millions of managed endpoints. Today, Aaron is leading the company to extend the simplicity and cost-saving principles of SmartDeploy to complete end-user workspace management, including application delivery and compliance. Prior to SmartDeploy, Aaron served as director of Business Development at Entirenet, a Seattle-based technology consultancy. Before moving to Seattle, Aaron was president of Inetz Media Group, a web application development company based in Salt Lake City. An avid cyclist and passionate alpine skier, Aaron holds a BS degree from Brigham Young University and an MS degree from the University of Iowa. You can hear Aaron share his technology insights and experiences monthly as a cohost on Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish podcast.