05 Mar

New Release: 2.0.3070

Note: View information about the latest SmartDeploy version and release history at www.smartdeploy.com/product-releases.

The latest version, SmartDeploy 2.0.3070, is now available to download and install. Most of the updates in this release were in response to feedback and requests received from our customers. Whether minor bugs or simple usability requests, I want to say thank you for continuing to share feedback with us. After all, we build this product for the people who use it – so keep it coming! Please take a moment to install SmartDeploy 2.0.3070 to immediately enjoy the latest updates.

This software update includes several new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements including:

New Computer Management actions

From Computer Management, you can now Join Domain and Rename Computer directly from the Actions menu.

Join Domain and Rename Computer From the SmartDeploy Computer Management tab

Install Client selection

Most customers choose to install the SmartDeploy Client as part of the reimaging process. In the Answer File Wizard and Deploy Wizard, we’re giving this more visibility and convenience by moving the option to Install Client from the Advanced tab to its own page in the wizard.

Install the SmartDeploy Client from the SmartDeploy Console

Deep Freeze check

To protect computers that are frozen by Deep Freeze, SmartDeploy will now check this and block push deployments to a computer that is frozen with Deep Freeze.

BitLocker disable

We’ve learned that many of our customers are securing their endpoints with BitLocker. To better support these customers, BitLocker will automatically by disabled before booting to PE when performing push deployment on BitLocker is enabled devices.

Anti-Virus scanning notification

Many existing SmartDeploy customers have learned that disabling the real-time virus scanning when capturing images and creating media vastly improves performance. Now, SmartDeploy will prompt users to add these exclusions to Windows Defender and will provide a helpful prompt for 3rd party AV products, when detected.

Performance, usability, and security enhancements

You’ll also find general updates including automatic wireless domain join with a wireless profile, adding Generate Client Installer to Tools, and bug fixes.

And as always, please share your feedback and feature requests. Your input is invaluable and helps us continually provide updates to ensure the best user experience possible. Please let us know how we’re doing and send feature requests to feedback@smartdeploy.com. We appreciate your continued partnership!

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