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SmartDeploy|February 23, 2023
Product 2
Product 2

SmartDeploy release 3.0.1060 improvements

SmartDeploy has released a new version (3.0.1060, to be exact) to kick off the new year! This new release is now available and included in your SmartDeploy subscription.

To get started, launch SmartDeploy and click the Update available link or visit the website to download and install the latest version. Once you’ve installed the latest version, re-run the Media Wizard to recreate deployment media.

This new version upgrade includes the following enhancements:

  • Configure Office 365 changes: We updated the Application Manager task to be more dynamic, making it easier to manage on-the-fly updates and add the latest versions of Office 365.

  • Group installed software by name: We added the ability to group items by name in Software Management, reducing clutter and making it easier to uninstall or update all versions of installed software at the grouped level.

  • Duplicate message detection: We added a duplicate detection prompt to cancel or replace existing messages when deploying an Application Pack to a machine. This will ensure that the same message is not processed multiple times on an endpoint.

  • Various Security improvements: We updated the .Net framework to .Net 6 (we were previously on .Net Core 3.1) and improved the client authentication system.

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