31 Mar

Why we are making software in the first place?

SmartDeploy is growing. We’ve gotten some recognition, a few awards, and we’ve won some great customers. I decided that it was appropriate and probably overdue to start a blog. I want our current and future customers, our employees, and anyone curious to know what we are about.

My partner and I founded Prowess 7 years ago on the initial premise that we could deliver technology services with a level of touch and embracing a set of values that would differentiate us. We worked extensively in virtualization from the very beginning. Four years ago, as virtualization was clearly heading into the mainstream, we were doing a lot with VM distribution and we saw an opportunity to create tools to help deploy virtual machines and virtual infrastructures. The tools started out very simple. Over time they became increasingly sophisticated, and in the process we moved beyond addressing just operating environments running on a virtual frame.

We now attack the deployment problem much more broadly in an effort to realize a vision I described in a presentation I made at VMworld 2007. The short story is this: it shouldn’t matter “what” or “where,” a computing environment should be available to you in the most convenient yet secure form, delivered in the most efficient way possible based on your scenario at that moment – whether that’s locally or remotely hosted, physical or virtual, server or workstation.

I was confronted by an IT manager from a very large (now defunct) bank after my session who said, “I disagree with everything you just said.” I was relieved that there were three people behind him who had different feedback, and now in hindsight it was the people behind the dissenter that were right. Virtualization is commonplace in IT, and the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures are requiring incredibly sophisticated solutions to deliver applications to everyone everywhere they are needed. For proof you need not look any farther than leaders in virtualization like Microsoft who has App-V, MED-V, VDI, RDS, BPOS and a host of other acronyms that represent products designed to accommodate business software requirements.

So part of the vision is to assist in the abstraction of the workload from the compute resource — to mobilize workloads into more convenient “payloads” that can go anywhere and run on any compatible frame. SmartDeploy is a migration enabler, a VDI enabler, and, above all, an IT efficiency facilitator. Too many good things are happening for you not to evolve deployment processes along with the rest of the business and the IT infrastructure. And SmartDeploy Enterprise can help get you there.

If you haven’t done so, I welcome you to evaluate SmartDeploy Enterprise. We offer a free 15 day trial, and for a limited time we will continue to provide extensive pre-sales support including free downloads of our internally created and tested Platform Packs and access to senior deployment experts.

About the Author

Aaron Suzuki
Aaron Suzuki is the founder and CEO of SmartDeploy and of Prowess Consulting, a successful consulting business. Aaron bootstrapped SmartDeploy software to more than 3,000 customers and millions of managed endpoints. Today, Aaron is leading the company to extend the simplicity and cost-saving principles of SmartDeploy to complete end-user workspace management, including application delivery and compliance. Prior to SmartDeploy, Aaron served as director of Business Development at Entirenet, a Seattle-based technology consultancy. Before moving to Seattle, Aaron was president of Inetz Media Group, a web application development company based in Salt Lake City. An avid cyclist and passionate alpine skier, Aaron holds a BS degree from Brigham Young University and an MS degree from the University of Iowa. You can hear Aaron share his technology insights and experiences monthly as a cohost on Petri.com’s Enterprise Dish podcast.