Windows future

Reports of Windows 8 early release to partners this week got me thinking about all of the goings on with Windows presently.

We’re as eager as anyone to get our hands on a new OS. It sounds like there might be a “preview” at WPC in July, which I would interpret as a demo, with beta to follow in September, which is great.

But Windows 7 still has a surprisingly long way to go. As an example, I was surprised that a large hospital locally that finally moved to electronic records deployed the software on Windows XP. If you are reading this from a browser running on Windows XP yourself, you are like the majority of our customers. There appears to be a considerable lag on the part of ISVs to get applications to run on Windows 7, and while that is being addressed most companies will continue to run Windows XP and move over as new hardware comes in and compatibility issues are addressed.

Rest assured, whether you’re an existing SmartDeploy customer, you’re evaluating the product presently, or you’re just learning about it, we will support all the Windows OSes you’re running with one tool, even if it is concurrently Windows XP, Windows 7, and “Windows 8.”