16 Nov

New in SmartDeploy 2.0: Platform Packs

With the recent release of SmartDeploy 2.0, there are a number of exciting new feature that we want to highlight. Let’s take a quick tour of changes to our Platform Packs.



The new centralized console allows you to easily browse and download Platform Packs from our library of over 800 different computer models without taking a trip to the SmartDeploy website. We’ve removed the extra trip to the website to make downloading and including Platform Packs with your image faster and easier!

To get started, just open SmartDeploy and you’ll see this screen. Click on Platform Packs within the ACTIVITIES list:Platform Packs Activity

Enter your www.smartdeploy.com credentials, browse to the Platform Pack you want, and click Download.Download Platform Packs

It’s that easy! The Platform Pack will download and save to your Platform Pack Library – Another new feature!



Open your Platform Pack Library to view your full list of packs. From there you have the option to create, download, or import a Platform Pack.Platform Pack Management

The new Platform Pack Library allows you to see everything all in one place and makes it even easier to build deployment packages.

That’s just a quick tour of one of our new changes. Download SmartDeploy 2.0 to see for yourself!



If you’re new to SmartDeploy, our one of a kind Platform Packs are a favorite feature of customers. Platform Packs are device driver packages built by our SmartDeploy technicians. We make these model specific packages available to our customers to relieve all of your driver headaches. When we handle all aspects of driver management, all you have to do is create your hardware-independent golden image which can be deployed to any computer model because we’ll inject the correct drivers at deployment time. For more on Platform Packs, read here.

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