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Imaging best practices to follow with any imaging tool.

30 Apr

What in the world is hybrid VDI? And how do Box and Dropbox fit in?

Today we announced the introduction of hybrid VDI using Box and Dropbox deployment. There were two parts to this announcement and both sets of capabilities were customer driven. Let’s tackle these two capabilities separately. Hybrid VDI is essentially VDI-like layered, single-image management combined with   local execution of the image on the endpoint. Hybrid VDI provides the […]

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08 Oct

Symantec Ghost vs. SmartDeploy – 3 Critical Differences

Do you experience the daily headache of managing PC images? Multiple images, high storage costs, and spiraling complexity are reason enough to consider dusting off that resume. IT pros are frustrated with popular products like Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (formerly known as Norton Ghost). Fortunately, Ghost isn’t the only choice. SmartDeploy, a Windows OS imaging […]

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