Five IT interview questions you might not be prepared for

Interview between two peopleYou submitted a killer-resume and landed the interview for an IT role. The fun is just about to begin. (If you haven’t made it this far, tune into SmartDeploy CEO, Aaron Suzuki’s, resume writing advice on the Enterprise Dish podcast).

There are few things more nerve-racking than preparing for an IT interview that could land you your dream job, so you’ll need to prepare and there’s no better time to prepare for an IT interview than now. LinkedIn released the Top 15 emerging jobs in the U.S Report illustrating which jobs are experiencing tremendous growth into 2020. Unsurprisingly, all but one position was an IT role or listed as having “Information Technology and Services” as a top industry hiring the talent. I sat down with Aaron and he shared these five IT interview questions he might ask a potential candidate for an IT role and what your answer tells him:

1. What is your process to identify and solve [domain-specific technical problem]?

All technical roles involve troubleshooting. The way you answer this question not only tells the interviewer how you think, but how well (or poorly) you can communicate potentially complicated processes.

2. Describe the biggest project you’ve completed.

Answer carefully! These open-ended questions can give interviewers the most insight into you. This again reveals the kind of communicator you are, but it also tests your ability to describe the work you did accurately as to scope, team involvement, execution process, outcomes, and your candor about it all. Sometimes the best example to give is the worst failure of your career (and that is sometimes what I specifically ask about).

3. What is your favorite app?

The idea of a favorite app is really one of style and priorities. I love this question because it really can go in any direction and can lead to interesting conversation. Maybe you like a certain app because it is entertaining or very well designed. It could be a work utility that saves you time.

4. How many computers do you have at home?

This question is really asking how much of your life technology is. Do you always play with technology? Or is it just a professional effort that you try to leave in the office? There’s no right or wrong answer here. Besides, for many of us, the answer has changed over time. But every employer wants to know the extent to which your work is your passion. If your profession is also your hobby it speaks to culture and team fit as much as the potential depth and breadth of your knowledge, not to mention the degree to which your brain will naturally continue to solve problems at home.

5. What do you know about what [the company you’re applying for] does?

Do your research and get excited about what the company you’re applying for does. Passion counts for everything.

Aaron mentioned these other factors also play into his hiring decision:

  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • Tone of voice

Forbes predicts: “More and more companies will be looking at ways to get more technical talent in places outside of the Bay Area”. If this holds true, being prepared is essential and with answers to these IT interview questions you’ll be on your way.