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SmartDeploy Enterprise product updates and announcements.

15 Nov

New Release: 2.0.3060

The latest version, SmartDeploy 2.0.3060, is now available to download and install. One of the big objectives in this release was to make it even easier to perform common tasks our customers rely on SmartDeploy to perform. Two big updates that I’m most excited about are the ability to easily create a custom Microsoft Office […]

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19 Jul

New Release: 2.0.3050

The latest version of SmartDeploy is now available for customers and trial users to download and install. This software update includes several new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements such as: Application Deployment RTM Our Application Deployment capability is now RTM and fully supported. Download pre-built Applications Packs, or build your own, to populate your […]

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30 Apr

What in the world is hybrid VDI? And how do Box and Dropbox fit in?

Today we announced the introduction of hybrid VDI using Box and Dropbox deployment. There were two parts to this announcement and both sets of capabilities were customer driven. Let’s tackle these two capabilities separately. Hybrid VDI is essentially VDI-like layered, single-image management combined with   local execution of the image on the endpoint. Hybrid VDI provides the […]

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08 Apr

New Release: 2.0.3040

The latest version, SmartDeploy 2.0.3040, is now available to download and install. It is packed with useful features to offer even more flexibility and efficiently in many scenarios including managing departments or teams that require specific software, keeping small applications up to date without having to update your entire image, and replacing a user’s machine […]

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16 Jan

New Release: 2.0.3030

SmartDeploy 2.0.3030 is now available and ready to download and install. It’s packed with improvements and some exciting new features. Some of these aren’t as apparent at first launch – like usability improvements, support for the latest Windows 10 update, and reporting. While others are brand new tools that make SmartDeploy even more useful in […]

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