47% Faster than Symantec Ghost

SmartDeploy allows users to manage a single image that can deploy to any endpoint, instead of cloning each machine type in your organization. We’ve taken a modern approach to traditional imaging software, like Symantec Ghost.

Centralized, Single Image Management

Companies that still use ghosting software typically create one image for each device. With SmartDeploy, you create one hardware independent image using a virtual machine that can be deployed to any device.

Simple Device Drivers

Unlike Symantec Ghost that require drivers to be stored and managed within the image, SmartDeploy uses Platform Packs that are logically separate. This allows for independent management of images and drivers to maximize deployment flexibility.

Fastest Deployment Time

A study by PassMark Software revealed that SmartDeploy is 47% faster than Symantec Ghost. And most customers report a 50-80% time savings over their previous imaging software after making the switch.

Quit Ghosting

SmartDeploy completely changes the imaging approach and makes ghost cloning software a thing of the past. Plus, SmartDeploy was designed to work identically across OS versions reliably with the same process.

“With SmartDeploy I image a computer in about 15 minutes! It’s really changed the way I do my job.”

Lauren Fitzpatrick, Network Manager,
Brattleboro Savings & Loan

Faster than Symantec Ghost

Faster than MDT

Faster than Acronis Snap Deploy

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