SmartDeploy vs. KACE K2000

One question we are often asked is, “How does SmartDeploy differ from KACE?” For starters, one of the main differences is that SmartDeploy Enterprise is an OS and application deployment software solution that is quickly installed and configured on any IT workstation, and it works without (in almost all cases) additional infrastructure requirements. In contrast, KACE K2000 is a physical hardware appliance used for disk imaging and usually requires additional infrastructure.

Below are several other differences between the two solutions:

We Approach Imaging Differently than KACE

SmartDeploy’s layered architecture is built for single image management and seamless deployment to any device. Images contain only software-specific information while pre-built packages called Platform Packs contain hardware-specific information. KACE offers two options: create a custom script to automate the endpoint installation process or create and maintain a different image for every hardware type.

We Handle Driver Management for you

Platform Packs are model-specific driver packages pre-built by SmartDeploy engineers. With SmartDeploy, drivers are injected at deployment time. Each device gets only the specific drivers needed for that model and all the challenging, time-consuming work is done for you. Dell KACE utilizes a repository of drivers for many different modelsthen relies on plug and play to pick the best driver from the repository. But, if the wrong driver is installed, unexpected endpoint behavior, including blue screens, can occur.

We Offer World-class Technical Support

SmartDeploy support technicians are deployment experts with a 300+ level of technical expertise. SmartDeploy is committed to customer success and welcomes customer feedback and feature requests. KACE offers tiered technical support and complex issues may take more time to resolve as users filter through the support tiers to get to a high level technician.

Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Specific Needs

SmartDeploy offers competitive pricing and special trade-in offers to help customers transition to SmartDeploy. In most scenarios, SmartDeploy pricing is 30-50% lower than KACE K2000. With SmartDeploy, customers get started right away without requiring expensive, time-consuming ramp up training. KACE often bundles the deployment appliance, licensing, support, and new user training. Plus, additional appliances may be required for environments with multiple locations.

So that’s the basics, but if you want to learn more, be sure to join our webcast on February 12 to get a better understanding of which of these industry-leading imaging solutions can best help you achieve your IT initiatives and projects in 2013.


Revision: At the time that this post was written, KACE was owned by Dell Software. This post has been updated to reflect the software name changes that occurred as part of Dell’s sale of Dell Software in June 2016. References to KACE support are based on support offered by Dell Software.