Smarter endpoint management to support next-gen classrooms

So much of modern education is powered by technology. In schools, IT teams need smart tools to support complex learning environments and tackle big jobs efficiently — from new hardware rollouts and yearly lab refreshes to campus-wide Windows migrations.

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Streamline computer imaging

Get user devices and campus labs ready for the new school year. Use SmartDeploy to create and deploy a single Windows golden image to any PC while keeping the driver and application layer intact. Reduce the size of your image library and keep images up to date with ease.

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Illustration of updates being sent to on-site and remove computersIllustration of updates being sent to on-site and remove computers
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Simplify Windows migration

Carry out Windows migrations without disrupting the curriculum. Reimage just the OS layer or easily migrate user data to a new PC with the latest Windows OS. Deploy drivers and applications in separate layers to new devices quickly, reducing downtime and keeping users productive for longer.

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Manage diverse hardware

Whether it’s student PCs or lab equipment, you don’t have to deal with different device drivers on your own. Simply download what you need from SmartDeploy’s Platform Pack Library of more than 1,500 prebuilt driver packages covering major OEM models. When you’re ready, just hit deploy.

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Support on-site & virtual classrooms

Manage school devices from one central location, no matter where they are located. With SmartDeploy, you have the flexibility to deploy Windows OS images, software applications, and drivers in multiple ways. Deploy using offline media, via a local network, or even over the cloud without a VPN.

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For IT pros, by IT pros

Supporting educators doesn’t mean you need to have all the answers. Especially when you have fellow IT pros to provide handy insights, tips, and more.

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Team edu, we got you.

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