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Government departments are as diverse as their constituents. To support these complex environments, government agencies need to keep their IT operations efficient, secure, and cost effective. SmartDeploy’s computer imaging solution allows you to set up devices quickly, keeping your systems up to date and productive 24/7.

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Government use case hero image
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Streamline device imaging

Supporting different departments at the same time is challenging. With SmartDeploy, you can start imaging computers in less than a day. Create hardware-independent Windows images using virtual reference machines and deploy them to any PC — slipstreaming drivers and apps along the way.

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Illustration showing the different layers of a golden image using SmartDeployIllustration showing the different layers of a golden image using SmartDeploy
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Manage diverse hardware seamlessly

Simplify driver management — no matter how many hardware models you manage. Just download what you need from SmartDeploy’s Platform Pack Library of 1,500+ prebuilt driver packages covering major OEM models. When you’re ready, just hit deploy.

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Enhance IT automation

Create more efficient workflows to save time and effort. Simply create custom answer files and scripts to automate deployment and postdeployment tasks (like domain joins and WiFi configuration), eliminating hours of manual work.

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Illustration of how to activate Windows script in SmartDeploy application packsIllustration of how to activate Windows script in SmartDeploy application packs
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Support a distributed workforce

Whether users are on-site or remote, SmartDeploy gives you the flexibility to deploy Windows operating system images, core applications, and drivers in multiple ways — with offline media, via a local network, or over the cloud (even without a VPN).

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Hear from real SmartDeploy customers

City of Lincoln Council

Hundreds of endpoints, diverse hardware, and a sudden shift to remote work were a lot to handle. But switching to SmartDeploy allowed the City of Lincoln Council to transition and scale quickly.

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"When we got the mandate that no one would come into the office anymore, we had a two-week period to get everyone working from home. So that’s more than 600 users within two weeks that we got working from home by leveraging SmartDeploy’s cloud deployment service."

Richard Hunt, Senior IT Officer
The City of Lincoln Council

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