Laying the right foundations with seamless Windows deployment

IT teams in construction need a flexible way to set up user devices and manage them no matter where they’re located. Whether you’re deploying Windows images or the latest software updates, you want a tool that lets you work and scale quickly.

construction worker using laptop
construction worker using laptop

Roll out Windows devices quickly

Easy to install and use, SmartDeploy can get you set up and imaging devices in less than a day. Slipstream apps and drivers with a single golden image you can deploy to any Windows machine. And save time with guided workflows that streamline and automate deployment and postdeployment tasks.

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Illustration of golden image used over cloud or local to update devicsIllustration of golden image used over cloud or local to update devics
illustration of platform pack library purpleillustration of platform pack library purple

Support diverse hardware

Simplify the way you manage hardware drivers — no matter how many different devices you support. You can just download what you need from SmartDeploy’s library of 1,500+ prebuilt driver packs covering all major OEM models. When you’re ready, hit deploy.

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Manage a distributed workforce

Manage your fleet from a central platform even if users are spread across different worksites. SmartDeploy gives you the flexibility to deploy OS images and apps to user devices any way you want: using offline media, local networks, or the cloud (no VPN needed).

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Support distributed teams anywhere illustrationSupport distributed teams anywhere illustration
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Keep systems and software up to date

Project teams need secure, functioning devices to do their work. SmartDeploy automatically scans and gathers device information so you know what systems or software need updating and when. Schedule off-hour deployments or set silent installs to minimize downtime and disruption.

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For IT pro, by IT pros

It’s important to set devices up right and keep them up to date so that projects can stay on track. That’s why we’ve gathered fellow IT pros to help with handy insights, tips, and more.

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