Desktop Imaging

Simplified PC provisioning and device management for modern, distributed workforces.

Modern Desktop Management

One-stop PC provisioning and lifecycle management for hybrid onsite + remote environments

From-Anywhere Desktop Management

Manage one golden image, not thousands of endpoints

SmartDeploy’s unique layered approach enables single image management of Windows and applications. With SmartDeploy, monolithic PC images are logically broken up into separate driver layers, operating system layers, application layers, and user data layers that can all be deployed, upgraded, and managed independently from each other.

Our modern imaging software enables true single-image management. One centralized golden Windows image can be deployed to any PC in your organization, regardless of manufacturer or model. How does your current desktop management or imaging software stack up? See our side-by-side comparisons.

Driver Magic – That’s What We Do

No hassle driver management

The driver layer for your endpoints is managed for you automatically. With over 1500 Platform Packs that supports all major OEM, business class models, SmartDeploy enables you to maintain a single, centralized golden image regardless of the number of computer makes and models you manage.

Each Platform Pack is built by the SmartDeploy team for a specific PC make and model and includes only the drivers needed by that device. Platform Packs are fully customizable, including running custom scripts or tasks such as updating the BIOS. SmartDeploy’s patented device driver injection technology only installs the drivers necessary for the specific PC that is being deployed. This is fundamentally different than traditional imaging software that has an image per model.

Software Management Simplified

Deploy, patch, and uninstall software with ease

The SmartDeploy agent automatically scans and reports hardware and software information for every endpoint in your environment. View software reports and deploy new applications to users on-demand to keep them productive. Easily detect outdated software on endpoints and remotely deploy driver and BIOS updates, software patches and execute PowerShell scripts over your local network or the cloud.

Download pre-built Application Packs from the SmartDeploy library and build custom, multi-step Application Packs with the guided wizard. Each Application Pack can be slip-stream installed along with your Windows image for efficient PC provisioning or deployed individually as an ongoing maintenance task.

Manage Endpoints Using the Cloud

Leverage your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts

Whether trying to do an in-place Windows migration for a home user or doing PC break-fix for a traveling user in a hotel room, modern IT teams need the ability to deliver Windows images, software, and patches to end users regardless of how they’re connected.

SmartDeploy provides the capability of storing and deploying your golden Windows image, software, scripts, and drivers using Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Unlike other desktop management solutions, user PCs can be connected via wireless and do not have to be on a corporate network or connected through a VPN.

It’s Like SCCM – Just Easier

Take advantage of SCCM-like functionality without the complexity

SCCM is an extremely comprehensive IT management solution that requires significant training and technical experience to evaluate, configure, and maintain. For most companies, several specialized technicians will be required to utilize the full suite of capabilities. These high resource demands can make tackling more strategic IT initiatives difficult since the most experienced IT staff are managing SCCM.

While on par with SCCM functionality, SmartDeploy is simple to learn and easy to use, especially it’s many wizard-driven operations. Now, you can have multiple staff members trained up Windows migration, Windows updates, and all the other use cases provided by SmartDeploy.