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SmartDeploy product roadmap

See what new features and enhancements we’ve got planned for SmartDeploy! We’re working hard to get these improvements out soon, and we'll update this roadmap if anything changes.

smartdeploy product roadmap
smartdeploy product roadmap

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Near term

What we’re actively working on and plan to release in the coming months.

Near term

Improved multi-user support

Allow users to log in and manage SmartDeploy through a locally hosted web application.

Near term

Distribution points

Deploy packages from any registered device, ensuring proximity to the endpoint.

Near term

S3 API support

Enable the use of object storage utilizing the S3 API as additional cloud storage providers.

Near term

Windows 11 in-place upgrades

Add in-place upgrade functionality for Windows 11 to the SmartDeploy console.

Mid term

These items are our next area of focus. We plan to begin working on these features after the next quarterly release.

Mid term

Group maintenance

Maintain Computer Management groups in the Patch Management view.

Mid term

Application Pack timeouts

Add timeouts to Application Pack deployments to ensure the Client stops processing if there is a problem.

Mid term

Log improvements

Copy the log from a locally connected client back to the SmartDeploy service.

Mid term

Server migration process

Migrate a SmartDeploy Client from one server to another.

Long term

These items are on our roadmap, but we don’t have a specific timeline for them yet.

Long term

Messages view

Get in-depth view of all messages that have been sent along with their associated status.

Long term

Auto update

Opt in to automatically update the SmartDeploy Client.

Long term

PDQ portal integration

Enable invites, 2FA, and centralized account management in a Portal for all PDQ products.

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