Perpetual licenses have been discontinued as of November 1, 2019. Customers with perpetual licenses who have a current services and support subscription may be able to purchase additional licenses and renew their subscription.

Current customers may convert their perpetual licenses to a new subscription package at any time. Contact for more information.

Key Features

Unlimited deployment

Deploy images, applications, drivers, and updates to licensed machines one time or one million times.

Centralized image management

Hardware-independent base image layers can be deployed to any computer make and model.

Answer file automation

Create unlimited department-specific answer files with an intuitive wizard for fast and consistent zero-touch deployments.


Deploy to 25 or more devices at once without saturating your network.

No dedicated infrastructure

Install SmartDeploy on the gear you already have! No expensive or complicated hardware to purchase, setup, and maintain.

Works with Windows

SmartDeploy supports Windows 7 through Windows 10+ and Server 2012 and up.

Unlimited custom images

Capture unlimited base image layers and download or create unlimited application layers, then manage them centrally in your Admin Console.

Simple step-by-step wizards

SmartDeploy guides you through every step without training or a lengthy ramp up process.

Built-in imaging best practices

Simple step-by-step wizards provide a foolproof guide to completing your projects.

USB and Network deployment

There are many ways to complete your deployment ranging from cloud to completely offline.

Zero-touch remote deployment

Push images, applications, drivers, and updates over your existing network or cloud storage from your centralized Admin Console.

Free fully-functioning trial

Enjoy full access to every SmartDeploy feature during your free evaluation period. Get stuck? Techs are here to make sure you’re successful.

Included Services & Support

Cloud DeploymentDropbox LogoOneDrive LogoGoogle Drive LogoBox Logo

Manage remote computers using your existing Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive cloud storage. No VPN connection necessary.

One-click User Data Migration

Retain the user’s data when reimaging their existing device or setting up a new one.

Discrete driver updates

Automatically keep device drivers up to date on your endpoints with real-time monitoring and one-click driver update.

Unlimited Application Pack downloads

Enjoy unlimited access to our Application Pack library and create your own custom Applications Packs for deployment to your users.

Basic reporting

View information about machines on your network.

Unlimited Platform Pack downloads

Customer favorite! Our techs create and maintain model-specific device driver packages – so you don’t have to!

Application Deployment

Deploy applications packs from our library or create your own to deploy over your existing network or the cloud.

Remote script execution

Choose from our library or create your own scripts to deploy individually or as part of your image.

License recycling

Move SmartDeploy licenses to a new computer when you remove or replace a computer in your fleet.

Major and minor version upgrades

New version releases include new features, advanced functionality, and support for the latest Win10 versions.

Technical, product, or pricing questions? We’re here to help.


The following policies apply to legacy customers with perpetual licenses with a current services and support subscription

A license is required for each device you and your team will manage with SmartDeploy. This includes deploying images, applications, scripts, tasks, and drivers.

You can view and manage your account information, including license usage at

Yes, you can add licenses at anytime during a valid services and support subscription, contact your Success Manager at Additional licenses and support will be pro-rated and co-termed with current subscription. Just like your original purchase, pricing is tiered based quantity, and you may purchase additional licenses in the tier you have accumulated.

By default, you will be allowed some overage as a courtesy so you and your team can complete any weekend or after-hours projects (we don’t want to leave you stranded!). You will be billed $50 per license, 30 days after your initial overage, so we encourage you to contact your Account Manager to add licenses prior to (or within 30 days of) exceeding your license count.

You can request that we do not allow for any overage on your account by contacting

Visit to view your license usage.

Please note, you are responsible for paying for licenses you have used, and failure to do so may constitute an account that is not in good standing and therefore services may be disrupted for non-compliance.

With a perpetual license, you can reimage a device as many times as you want. Once a device is licensed, you can reimage, deploy applications, update drivers, or perform any other SmartDeploy action on that device without using up additional licenses.

We’ll be in touch prior to your renewal date to ensure you can continue using SmartDeploy and don’t experience a lapse in features and services. Allowing your annual services and support subscription to lapse will impact available features and functionality including access to new versions, the Platform Pack library, email/phone technical support, and more.

If you miss us, we’d love to have you back! Contact to start a new subscription.

Yes, but if you choose to renew for fewer licenses than you own, those licenses will be forfeited. Often the cost to renew the services and support subscription is less than if you need to re-purchase licenses at a future date. You may also consider a subscription package that fits better for your environment.

Your services and support subscription allows you to reallocate a license when your device reaches end-of-life. Devices reach end-of-life when it is not possible for them to be managed by SmartDeploy anymore. End-of-life examples include, returning a device to the manufacturer, donating a device to an outside organization, recycling, or destroying a device. When a device reaches its end-of-life, if your account is in good standing you may reallocate the license associated with that device.

Per-deployment licenses are not eligible for reallocation benefits.

No, you can install the SmartDeploy Console on as many IT workstations as you need. Licenses are only required for the devices you license with SmartDeploy.

Microsoft and other third party software have special reimaging rights. In most cases, a volume license agreement is required which may include specific media and product keys. More details are available in this helpful guide.

You are responsible for maintaining compliance with the use terms of the various software vendors you use in your imaging and deployment processes with or without SmartDeploy.

We are open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Pacific time. Our office observes and is closed for all major U.S. Holidays.

Yes, you can purchase training and consulting by the hour with one of our support technicians. These virtual sessions are available to help with advanced setup and configuration of SmartDeploy beyond the scope of normal support assistance. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information and pricing.

Yes, if you’d like our technicians to create an Application Pack you can request it here.

They’re also very easy to create on your own. You can find a how-to video and additional information here.

Please note, our ability to create and distribute an Application Pack is reliant on the availability of the installation files, the ability to redistribute the 3rd party software, and compliance with the SmartDeploy SLSA. Currently, there is no charge for Application Pack creation.