SmartDeploy vs. Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune

With SmartDeploy, you can apply custom Windows images to your corporate devices and keep them clean and free from pesky OEM bloatware. Unlike tools like Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune, which build on preinstalled OEM images, SmartDeploy gives you more flexibility and control across your environment.

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See how SmartDeploy compares with Windows Autopilot & Microsoft Intune

Windows Autopilot & Microsoft Intune

Part of Microsoft’s suite of endpoint management tools, Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune skip a key step when rolling out new devices. Instead of deploying a clean, custom image, Autopilot can only be used to configure preloaded OEM images before you enroll devices into Intune.

Illustration depicting OEM images in a layered approachIllustration depicting OEM images in a layered approach
SmartDeploy cube illustrationSmartDeploy cube illustration


Easy to use, SmartDeploy’s computer imaging software allows you to keep Windows devices consistent and secure from the start. Deploy your custom golden image, apps, and drivers to any on-prem or remote PC. Leverage simple, automated workflows to set up and manage your devices efficiently.

Deploy an image with SmartDeploy in minutes


Autopilot & Intune

OS image capture & deployment



App deployments



Cloud-based deployments



Out-of-box integration with third-party
cloud storage providers



Driver Pack Library



Integration with USMT



Support for Windows 11 devices



Complex licensing structure



Ease of use



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How it works

Set up, update, and manage endpoints with greater flexibility and ease. Flexible layers enable you to manage the OS, applications, drivers, and user data independently from each other rather than baking everything into a locked image.

  • Step one

Build your golden image containing the Windows operating system, apps, and settings that you need.

  • Step two

Download any of our prebuilt device driver packages for all the hardware models you support.

  • Step three

Pick the software and scripts you need from our library — or build a custom installer to fit your specific needs.

  • Step four

Save and deploy with ultimate flexibility using any combination of USB, network server, or cloud storage.

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Meet some of our customers

Learn how businesses from startups to global leaders use SmartDeploy to streamline their endpoint management.

"Meet our customers"

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“SmartDeploy does exactly what we need it to do and our deploy operations can be as basic or as involved as we want them to be. The system saves us a lot of time and helps us standardize and maintain our images.”

IT Systems Engineer

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“SmartDeploy has made our jobs so much easier when it comes to deploying and managing Windows computers. We were easily able to create our image for initial deployment and using the SmartDeploy Agent, we can push software to our users even when they are working from home. This has helped us free up time setting up user computers and manually installing software, allowing us to focus more time and effort on more complex tasks.”

Help Desk Team Lead

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“The ability to easily refresh/reimage your entire fleet is made simple with SmartDeploy and their downloadable platform packs that contain ALL necessary drivers for almost all enterprise-grade Windows machines. Refreshing or imaging current and new machines is now 99% hands-off and automated. It can be done physically at the machine (I integrate with WDS) or remotely from the office whether the device is in network or not.”

enterprise customer

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The new industry standard

SmartDeploy is an award-winning solution with a proven track record helping IT teams become more effective and efficient. We think the results speak for themselves.

3 million+

machines deployed

13 years

in business


global customers

4.8 stars

on G2 and Capterra

One platform, endless use cases

SmartDeploy is your one-stop shop for PC provisioning and lifecycle management.

Computer monitor illustration

Computer imaging

Build and maintain a single Windows golden image, regardless of PC make or model

Cycle illustration

PC refreshes

Keep all your users' files and settings consistent while rolling out new hardware

Settings illustration

Application management

Deploy, update, and patch applications zero-touch to any endpoint

Windows illustration

Windows updates

Push periodic updates or centrally manage entire migrations for local and remote PCs

Laptop with cogs illustration

Device setup

Seamlessly roll out images, drivers, and applications to entirely new devices

Layers illustration

PC break-fixes

Reimage the operating system layer without affecting applications or user data


Ready to make the switch?

SmartDeploy is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. The use of Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune on this page is for comparison purposes only. Information last updated: 11/16/2023