Purchase FAQs

I just purchased SmartDeploy, how do I get started?

Upon order confirmation your account is all set, and you’re ready to start deploying. Everything you did during your trial carries over after purchase. The only thing you need to do is recreate any boot media you made during the trial.

Here’s a quick checklist:

How do I manage my account?

How do I add users to my account?

New users can create a user account then request to join your company account by entering your email address, or the email address of anyone with account access. You’ll receive an email containing approval instruction

What happens if I license more machines than I purchased?

Users that have access to your SmartDeploy company account, or that have requested to receive account notifications will be notified via email when the account reaches 80%, 95%, and 100% usage.

We know you have a lot of projects going on and we want to make sure you can complete them on time, so we allow you to go over on your license count. You will be notified when you go over, and you can contact your rep to purchase more, or if you have systems you’ve retired you can decommission them. An invoice for the overage will be sent after 30 days if your account is not back in compliance. If we cannot establish communication in regards to your overage, your account could be suspended. Overages are billed at $50 per device.

If you would like to disable this feature, please contact [email protected]

How do I know which devices consumed a license?

Log in to your account at smartdeploy.com and select License Report to view your License Usage Report. Here you’ll find helpful links, and if eligible a link to Reallocate Licenses.

What do I do about licenses for devices that I don’t have anymore?

Eligible accounts can reallocate a license from a device that is no longer in use. We call this process Decommissioning. Decommissioning a machine means the device is no longer in use by your organization. This means the device is being recycled, returned, or donated, or it will otherwise no longer be accessible.

Log in to your account at smartdeploy.com and navigate to your License Report. If your account is eligible for License Reallocation, you will see a link to Reallocate Licenses. Select the machine(s) you wish to decommission and click Decommission. Click Agree once you have reviewed the Decommission policies.

Contact [email protected] if you have additional questions.

What happens if I accidentally reimage a decommissioned machine?

If a decommissioned machine is reimaged with SmartDeploy, its status changes to recommissioned, and it re-consumes a license. We use this recommissioned status to monitor decommissions of devices still in use. We understand that mistakes happen, so we are happy to work with you to resolve any accidental decommissions. However, if an excessive number of licenses become recommissioned, this feature may be revoked or the account may be suspended.

How do I add more SmartDeploy licenses on my account?

You can contact your Customer Success Manager or email [email protected]

Additional SmartDeploy licenses can be purchased at any time. Additional licenses should be purchased prior to deploying the devices, but if you deploy prior to acquiring the additional licenses, then you have 30 days to purchase additional licenses to maintain legal compliance.

How do I contact Support?

Support Hours: 8am – 5pm Pacific Time
Open a Ticket: support.smartdeploy.com
Call: 888-7DEPLOY
Email: [email protected]
Forum: DeployCentral.com

Other helpful resources

Review our Software License and Services Agreement (SLSA)
The SLSA replaces our former End User License Agreement (EULA)