Manage the Campus IT Budget with SmartDeploy

Today’s educational institutions, like many other organizations, are finding they have to do much more, with much less. Improving your Windows deployment strategy can limit unexpected expenses from popping up and eating away at IT budget.

Demands, particularly for IT services are increasing – students and teachers want access to their documents and applications anytime, anywhere and from any device, whether they are on campus, at home, or on the go. The ever-growing number of computers in school libraries, classrooms, and faculty offices must support many users with diverse abilities and a wide range of workloads while still remaining up to date and secure. IT staff frequently find themselves amidst a multitude of devices, widely varying deployment and accessibility standards, and a large spectrum of usage scenarios—while also saddled with rising hardware and software costs and ever-shrinking equipment and staffing budgets.

Many schools are looking for a robust deployment solution that combines speed, ease of use and compatibility across multiple OS versions. As hardware diversifies, education institutions are pressured to streamline the deployment task for hardware refreshes, manage Windows migration projects and increase efficiency with these existing budgets.

With SmartDeploy Enterprise, you can dramatically reduce the number of operating system images that have to be maintained by the IT team. SmartDeploy Enterprise can help you streamline your IT department’s deployment tasks and take advantage of a lightweight update method that allows you to keep images secure and up to date without major bandwidth impact.

Check out our case study on how City University of Seattle cut labor expenses by 60% and improved image deployment speed by 25% using SmartDeploy Enterprise. Or contact us for a link to our recent webcast with Jon Turnbull, District Technology Technician for a 3,500-device Oregon school district who discusses his experience using both SmartDeploy Enterprise and the KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance.