Stop the Mundanity: Washington College Simplifies Computer Imaging

Time is a precious commodity in the IT profession. Whether it be spent answering an inescapable barrage of support calls or reconfiguring a firewall that seemed to work just fine the day before, the hours of a tech’s workday never seem to be enough to get everything done with time to spare. That’s why we at SmartDeploy know just how crucial any improvement in efficiency can be to an IT professional’s workflow (and sanity). We recently completed a case study with Washington College, who before discovering SmartDeploy, was swapped with the repetitive task of updating hundreds of computers with a fresh install of Windows every year.

Computer imaging for Washington College was originally a lengthy process of physically cloning drives, just a dozen at a time; a bit faster when the move was made to Acronis Snap Deploy, but still far from user friendly. The Acronis solution brought difficulty whenever a new piece of hardware was purchased because it required that a completely new image be created every time to accommodate for its new set of drivers. Eric Bishop, Windows technician at the college, came to the conclusion that the steps he needed to take for deployment were pulling far too many resources away from other duties, such as troubleshooting student issues and pursuing online education and career development.

Unlike competing solutions, SmartDeploy takes a radically different approach to imaging that is hardware independent. SmartDeploy uses images created in a virtual environment and manages drivers separately through its patented Platform Packs; making images simpler to create, easier to manage, and faster to deploy. Also, by using a customized answer file, users can choose which setup sections to skip, allowing deployments to be streamlined even further – something Eric at Washington College really appreciates!

Read the entire Washington College case study to learn more about how SmartDeploy helped eliminate many of the mundane steps typically associated with computer imaging.

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