Texas A&M AgriLife Reduces IT Expenses by 16%

When evaluating computer imaging software, it can be tempting to go with the option that requires the lowest upfront cost, especially when “free” options exist. We at SmartDeploy know how conscious IT departments need to be of their budgets and we’ve learned a lot from companies who have had painful experiences by going with free or open source imaging solutions. There’s no doubt that upfront costs should be considered for any major purchase, but we encourage people to think about the magnitude of potential savings over the next 3-5 years. Because SmartDeploy stands alone with its patented driver injection technology and its library of 800+ pre-built, model-specific driver packages, as well as its unparalleled simplicity of achieving single image management, most customers realize a return on their investment within 12 months.

Some of the biggest complements we’ve gotten are from customers pleasantly surprised at just how much more time and money SmartDeploy has saved them than anticipated. We recently sat down with one such customer, Texas A&M AgriLife. AgriLife is a state agency tasked with agricultural education and outreach with over 5,000 employees. In addition to maintaining its existing hardware, the agency’s IT team is in charge of purchasing and provisioning up to 230 new computers a year. Originally, the process of setting up all these new computers was decentralized, taking two to three weeks to get a finished computer on a desk. Repairing broken computers also required a large chunk of resources too, taking up to a week for completion.

Once AgriLife IT started using SmartDeploy and its provisioning processes became centralized, the savings in time and labor became apparent almost immediately. A server was set up, storing hardware-independent images that could be rapidly deployed to any new computer model by use of Platform Packs containing all of the necessary OEM device drivers. This helped reduce the time needed for provisioning from multiple weeks to just a few hours. Additionally, the downtime required to fix broken computers was reduced from days to hours and even minutes, because SmartDeploy allowed them be to quickly re-imaged when basic troubleshooting fixes were unsuccessful.

Because AgriLife’s IT team was no longer spending unnecessarily long hours provisioning and fixing computers, their budget reduced by an impressive 16%! Read the full story to learn more about how SmartDeploy computer imaging software cut costs and improved productivity.