SCCM cost: Is it worth it?

The price of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is often deeply discounted in the education industry. When the cost of SCCM is included “free” in their Microsoft education licensing agreement, schools are inclined to try to use that tool to manage computers across campus. Sometimes, though, the cost of resources to learn, configure, and

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Microsoft MVP reviews SmartDeploy

With so many players in the Windows computer imaging space, finding the right tool can be downright daunting – not to mention extremely time consuming. So much so that many companies are still using the old spooky software they started using 20 years ago. Yes, 20 years ago! Through the years, you may have asked

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Symantec Ghost vs. SmartDeploy – 3 Critical Differences

Do you experience the daily headache of managing PC images? Multiple images, high storage costs, and spiraling complexity are reason enough to consider dusting off that resume. IT pros are frustrated with popular products like Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (formerly known as Norton Ghost). Fortunately, Ghost isn’t the only choice. SmartDeploy, a Windows OS imaging

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